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How much solar power should my new system produce?

This week’s blog post is inspired by a recent callout I received, and a part of solar world that’s sometimes not known or understood. I received a called from Jason. He’d had recently had a new 6.6kW solar system installed at his property and was worried that his system wasn’t performing as expected. Luckily, we were able to pick up on the reason why before attending the callout 😉 I ran through the numbers with Jason over the phone. His solar system is East/West facing without any shading issues and comprises of 6.6kW worth of panels, yet his system is only peaking at a little under...

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Solar Panel Direction, Pitch and Shading Explained

There’re a number of different factors, including solar panel direction that can have an effect on the energy production.

Not all solar installs are the same. There’re a number of different factors that can have an effect on energy production. Solar Panel direction and pitch play a major part in the efficiency of your system, as well as shading. How will panel direction affect my energy yield? The solar panel direction play a part in the overall energy yield of your solar system. The different solar panel direction types are: North Facing Panels At their best in the middle of the day, and will produce the greatest energy all yield year-round. East Facing Panels At their best in the mornings, and produce...

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