Solar Panel direction, pitch and shading – explained

Blue skies and solar panels

Not all solar installs are the same. There’re a number of different factors that can have an effect on energy production. Solar Panel direction and pitch play a major part in the efficiency of your system, as well as shading. How will panel direction affect my energy yield? The solar panel direction play a part […]

What size Solar System do I need?

Solar panels

What size solar system do I need? Trav and I spend a lot of our afternoons assessing potential solar projects, and designing systems to suit the needs of a variety of different energy usage profiles. A common question we get asked is, “what size solar system do I need?” One day, for instance, we’ll meet […]

Is the Solar Rebate in QLD confusing you?

Cloudy skies and solar panels

Is The QLD Government Solar Rebate Confusing You? There are usually a lot of questions surrounding the QLD government solar rebate. Homeowners considering switching to renewable energy are curious about the government’s solar incentive programs. Will they consider solar energy to be a good investment because of these solar rebates? Or, will they find it […]

Solar Feed In Tariff Qld

Installed solar panels on the roof

The Solar Feed-In Tariff QLD The solar feed in tariff and the solar rebate are often confused with each other, but they’re two very different pieces of the puzzle. What’s the difference between a solar tariff and solar rebate? The solar rebate is the cash back incentive offered by the government to entice you to […]

Solar Panels and Inverters

Home with solar panels on the roof

Solar Panels and Inverters There are two main components to any solar system – solar panels and inverters. These big-ticket items require careful consideration when investing in solar. Solar panels: To put it simply, solar panels work by converting light energy from the sun into DC (direct current) electricity. The main element in a solar […]

What is a Solar Panel Warranty?

A glass building

What is Solar Panel Warranty?   Due to the nature of the Solar industry, finding products that will last the test of time and are made by reputable companies is an absolute must. A common misconception, is that just the one solar panel warranty covers your entire installation. In fact, there are four solar panel […]

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