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Fronius vs Sungrow Inverter

At DK Electrical Co, the majority of inverters we install are either Fronius or Sungrow.  We believe these are the best string inverters available for solar installations in Brisbane and provide great results for our southeast Queensland customers.

The choice between the two is a hard one to make as they are both great inverters.

There is no denying that Fronius is at the top of the inverter game, they are well known for their exceptional standards and have been producing inverters since 2001 with many design updates along the way.  They are known for their exceptional quality.

The Sungrow brand has come a long way and is making leaps and bounds in their products and at a friendlier price range it is a great addition to a quality solar install without compromising on performance.

Fronius vs. Sungrow – Warranties

Both Sungrow and Fronius come with a 10-year warranty.  The Sungrow warranty is a 10-year parts and labour with a replace not repair warranty, meaning your solar offline time is kept to an absolute minimum.

Fronius has a 5-year part and labour + 5-year parts only, once your product has been registered (easily achieved on their Solarweb website).

We have installed hundreds of both inverters and have had to use the warranties only a handful of times.  This is a testament to the quality of both inverters but when we have had to use them both companies provide excellent customer service.

Fronius vs. Sungrow – Cooling

Sungrow inverters are cooled using a large rear heatsink, although it does have a small fan inside the unit.  As they utilise the whole chassis to dissipate heat they can get hot to touch although this is expected of them.

Fronius inverters use two fans.  There is chatter about the noise this creates but it’s as noisy as an old computer starting up, or fridge running.  Often inverters are installed in or near garages, so any noise created isn’t in the living areas of a home but if your ideal inverter location is outside a living room window or a bedroom used for night shift then Sungrow with its quieter unit will be a better fit.

The benefit of the additional fan is Fronius’ superior job at keeping the unit and therefore electronics cool, which will contribute to better longevity and efficiency.

Fronius vs. Sungrow – Monitoring

Sungrow and Fronius both come with standard production monitoring meaning you can check in to see the history of what your solar system has produced.

They can also have additional consumption monitoring added at installation.  This consumption monitoring will allow you to see not only what your system produces but also what your household uses and sends to the grid.  Both monitoring apps are great and can help you manage your solar optimising the financial benefits of your system. 

For an even greater in-depth look at how your solar is working both systems can now be integrated with Solar Analytics monitoring.  This will give you the greatest range of information available. 

Fronius Inverters have gone away with their inverter screen meaning if you weren’t interested in monitoring your solar system through an app/web you would only have the light on the inverter to tell you if it was running, but at what capacity would be unknown.  The Sungrow inverter has the app/web ability but also a small screen on the inverter allowing you to keep an eye on it even if the app wasn’t in use.

Fronius vs. Sungrow – Future Proofing

Both inverter brands have their standard models and hybrid models.

When considering how you plan to use your property and solar system in the coming years we should be considering the type of inverter you select today.

Selecting a standard inverter limits our battery options due to how they connect, and the size limitations put in place by our energy suppliers.  The best way to avoid these limitations is to install a hybrid inverter.  Look out for our blog on being battery-ready for more information.

As quality solar installers in South East Queensland, we are more than happy to install both Sungrow and Fronius inverters in our solar installs.

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