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What Size Solar System Do I Need?

Every home has different solar size requirements. Read this article to know what size solar system you need in your home.

What size solar system do I need? Trav and I spend a lot of our afternoons assessing potential solar projects, and designing systems to suit the needs of a variety of different energy usage profiles. A common question we get asked is, "what size solar system do I need?" One day, for instance, we’ll meet a family of 5 living in a large house. They’ll have a pool, air conditioning units, multiple fridges, large electric hot water systems and electric cooking appliances. The kids are young so Mum’s at home with them through the day with the air conditioning full blast most of the day. Then...

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Is The Solar Rebate in QLD Confusing You?

There are usually a lot of questions surrounding the solar rebate in Queensland. Does it still even exist? How much is it worth? How do I claim it?

Is The QLD Government Solar Rebate Confusing You? There are usually a lot of questions surrounding the QLD government solar rebate. Homeowners considering switching to renewable energy are curious about the government's solar incentive programs. Will they consider solar energy to be a good investment because of these solar rebates? Or, will they find it to be just another waste of money? What solar rebates are available to Queensland residents? Here's our take on the Queensland government's solar rebate 2021. Does the solar rebate in Queensland still exist? Well, you can rest assured that...

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