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The Solar Feed-In Tariff QLD

The solar feed in tariff and the solar rebate are often confused with each
other, but they’re two very different pieces of the puzzle.

What’s the difference between a solar tariff and solar rebate?

The solar rebate is the cash back incentive offered by the government to
entice you to switch to solar (as detailed above) and is paid as a lump sum
when you initially make the switch.

The solar feed in tariff Qld is the rate (measured in cents/kilowatt hour) at which
you’ll be paid for any excess solar energy your system produces which is not
used by your household, and is therefore fed back to into the city’s electrical
grid. Yep, that right – they pay you!

It’s your electricity provider’s job to install a smart meter (if you don’t have
one already) which can measure the energy you import from the grid, and the
excess solar energy you export, and pay you accordingly. We’ll put the wheels
in motion to make sure this is done when we complete your initial Energex
application, so you don’t have to

The rates of payback for solar change all the time, as well as varying between
electricity providers, so it certainly does pay to shop around. The best solar
feed in tariff rate at the time of writing is 17.1c per kilowatt hour, which is
actually higher than this time last year!

Ask us how you could benefit from the solar rebate of solar feed in tariff Qld. Contact Us.


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