What is a Solar Panel Warranty?

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What is Solar Panel Warranty?


Due to the nature of the Solar industry, finding products that will last the test of time and are made by reputable companies is an absolute must.

A common misconception, is that just the one solar panel warranty covers your entire installation. In fact, there are four solar panel warranties you really need to be aware of.


These are the different types of solar panel warranty:

    • Performance Warranty
    • Product Warranty
    • Inverter Warranty
    • Installation Warranty


What’s the difference between the solar panel warranty types?


Solar Panel Performance Warranty


This is in place to warrant the solar panel’s performance over a period of so many years. We recommend at least 80% guaranteed efficiency after a period of 25 years.

At Dillon + Kenzie Electrical Co., all of our listed panel manufacturers guarantee at least 84% efficiency or higher after a period of 25 years.


Solar Panel Production Warranty


Production warranty is the most important type of solar panel warranty. This covers you if your panels partially break down, or completely stop producing solar electricity. This could be due to hot spots or other faults, defects in workmanship or materials during solar panel production.

It’s important to choose panels that are covered by at least a 10-year production warranty.

At Dillon + Kenzie Electrical Co., all of our listed panel production warranties are at a minimum 12 years, and as high as 25 years for our premium panels.


Inverter Warranty


The solar inverter is at the epicentre of your solar system. Therefore, it works the hardest out of all components in the system over its lifespan. Because the inverter is working so hard day in and day out, it’s the item that most likely to fail.

There are a number of inverter manufacturers that only offer limited insurance on their products. So, it’s important to ensure your inverter warranty covers you against defects for at least a 5 year period.

Higher end inverters will offer an additional 5 years warranty upon registration, or for a fee after the initial purchase. Known as a 5+5 year inverter warranty.

At Dillon + Kenzie Electrical Co., all of our inverters come with a minimum 5-year warranty and the optional addition of a 5+5 year warranty.


Installation Warranty


While the other three warranties are offered to cover equipment produced by a manufacturer, the installation warranty is offered by us, and is our promise to you and your family.

At Dillon + Kenzie Electrical Co., we offer you a 5-year installation warranty covering the breakdown or deterioration of any other component installed with your solar system.

We install at the highest level and back our workmanship and the quality of our overall equipment installed. So, in the rare case anything happened to break down, don’t worry, we’ve definitely got you covered.


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