Solar Panels and Inverters

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Solar Panels and Inverters

There are two main components to any solar system – solar panels and inverters. These big-ticket items require careful consideration when investing in solar.

Solar panels: To put it simply, solar panels work by converting light energy
from the sun into DC (direct current) electricity. The main element in a solar
cell is a semiconductor (silicon), which when excited by sunlight will move
electrons between cells creating the flow of electricity.

The Inverter: Electricity created by the panels is a ‘Direct Current’, which has varying voltages depending on how many panels there are in a
row. These voltages and the electrical waveform need to be cleaned up and
transposed or ‘inverted’ into the type of electricity normally used by your

household or business, known as ‘alternating current’ or AC electricity. That’s
the job of the inverter.

What to look for when buying Solar Panels and inverters

One of the first things you’ll notice when researching solar, is the sheer
number of different brands of panels and inverters. Most of which you’ll
probably have never heard of. So, what sets them apart from each other and
what should you be looking out for?

Due to the staggering amount of sub-par solar products that have entered
Australia over the past decade or more, the Clean Energy Council (the solar
industry regulators) compiled a list of approved panels and inverters. This list
can be found at

There are 86 approved panel manufacturers and 110 approved inverter
manufacturers in Australia at the time of writing. So it’s important to make sure
the products you chose to install in your home or business are on this list, and are installed by a clean energy council approved installer. Dillon + Kenzie Electrical Co. Pty Ltd
only install quality Clean Energy Council approved products, so you know
you’re safe

Other important factors to consider are:

    •  Pricing
    •  Warranties (both product warranty and performance warranty)
    • Panel and inverter efficiency ratings after 25 years
    • Materials used and the makeup of the panels
    •  Are the products made by tier 1 companies?
    •  What is their reputation for customer service?
    • The company’s country of origin
    • The place of manufacture
    •  Consumer reviews

There’s really is A LOT of research that goes into making sure the solar
products that you choose are reliable, perform efficiently and are still
humming away in decades to come as opposed to ending up in landfill in 3 to 5
years, which is sadly often the case.

But fear not! After countless hours of research into hundreds of products on
the market, we’ve found what we consider to be the best products for our
customers. Taking a lot of the time and stress out of the process of choosing
the right system for you and your family.

DK Electrical Co. offers solar power and electrical services in Brisbane and Gold Coast, contact us today!


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