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With over 40 years combined experience in the electrical industry, Trav and Scott are a safe bet and the reliable choice for anything electrical in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Priding ourselves on being among some of the best electricians in Brisbane, our electrical services are diverse to meet the needs of our clients. From install security cameras, home and business lighting, solar, advance home automation and more.

Safe, professional, and knowledgeable electricians in Brisbane that are on time, every time.


A pretty smart little home entertaining area this one – in more ways than one! We utilised state of the art home automation system on this project, as per our clients request. The lighting, sound and air conditioning are all controllable from any smart phone or device, anywhere on earth.

Best bits:

  • 6 x Up/down lights highlighting the stunning timber ceiling
  • Dimmable LED lighting built into the spirit shelves and bar
  • 3 x Vintage Pendant fittings with low-lit bulbs
  • Integrated Sonos Sound System
  • Smart TV with full AV integration
  • Power supplying Bar and Keg refrigeration systems
  • Security Alarm System – live video sent to the owners phone, notifying when motion sensors are activated.


Local Brisbane based business Hoppy’s Handwash Cafe is a hive of activity on a daily basis, and their security system’s functionality is an integral part of their operation.

Dillon and Kenzie Electrical Co were recently commissioned by Hoppy’s General Manager Chris Johns (former Broncos and State of Origin great) to audit and completely overhaul their aging security cameras with the best modern solution.

With careful thought and planning, each Hoppy’s location was fit out with the highest quality security cameras, featuring remote live monitoring, remote zooming and recording storage of up to a month.

Each location is now fully modernised and equipped to deal with any potential security issues, armed with cutting edge high definition security vision.


Another Hoppy’s gig, and one that required some planning to get spot on.

Our client’s goal was to provide its customers with 10 new vacuum bays under shade and with lighting, all easily controlled and able to be isolated of an evening or out of hours.

Challenges we met:

  • With over 100 amps worth of new vacuums to install, there wasn’t enough space in the sites main switchboard to accommodate the additional electrical load.
  • Cable access to the far vacuums were across roadway with no structure to support cabling.
  • All vacuums using large amounts of power needed to be able to switch off when out of hours.
  • Lighting needed to be automated and illuminating the site each night, with override facilities installed should the need arise.

What we did:

  • Engineered and installed a new switchboard chassis adjacent the existing carwash main DB, capable of handling the load of the additional plant. We also allowed ample power for future additions should the need arise.
  • We commissioned a concrete cutting company to run all far side cabling underground in conduits, eliminating the risk of overhead cabling hazards with vehicles present on a daily basis.
  • Behind the switchboard chassis door, we installed an automated control section, with electric contactors capable of switching larger loads in unison.
    The vacuums were also controlled by an external lockable and weatherproof isolator for local control.
  • LED fluorescent lighting was installed on shade sails, switched by a photo-electric cell, with (on/off/auto) override facilities if needed.


The passage experienced a surge in popularity during the 1960s when Letraset used it on their dry-transfer sheets, and again during the 90s as desktop publishers bundled the text with their software. Today it’s seen all around the world.

Scott and Trav made the whole process easy from start to finish. Scott and Trav made the whole process easy from start to finish. We’re really happy with the end result. More than happy to recommend.

Russ & Sue Thorpe

I’m a sparky myself so I wanted a quality install, and the guys delivered. Great work!

Andrew Beh

We’re stoked! Scotty and Trav were perfect to work with and made the whole process easy. We’ve recommended them to our neighbours already.

Leisha Fuller

Our system hadn’t been working properly and no other solar technicians could figure out why.

Mick and Cathy

Our system hadn’t been working properly and no other solar technicians could figure out why.
We called Trav and he had it up and running within the hour.
Highly recommended!


Scott and Travis really took the time to make sure I’d get the best result from my new solar system. Absolutely loving bill time now. I couldn’t be happier!

Nicole Hurst

Great Job! Scott was professional and knowledgeable about all aspects from start to finish and didn’t hesitate to answer any questions we raised. The installers arrived on time and did a great job and were polite and tidy to the point where upon inspection it was noted that they don’t often see such great work.

Colin and Catherine

High quality install at reasonable price.
Im very glad i decided to go with DKE. Very high quality solar install with simple and easy to understand contract, good value for money and friendly service.


Great service and product
Great service and product. Super friendly and quick install. Couldn’t recommend highly enough, honest and trust worthy.


Quality and friendly service, highly recommended.
Great service, everything was handled from start to finish with ease, very professional and friendly team that I would highly recommend.


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