Our Solar Work.

Leisha and Family

Leisha had a new baby, and wanted to run the air-con during the GC summer guilt-free.

Here’s what we did:

  • Provided a solar installation that didn’t cost the earth.
  • Designed a solar solution that made the most of the afternoon sun, to provide extra energy later in the day when she needed it most.
  • Completed the install in a day, with a short turnaround time – it was the start of summer and Leish needed a cool home for her baby stat!

‘We were stoked! It was the middle of summer, and I needed to run the aircon pretty much all day. Scotty and Trav were perfect to work with, we’ve recommended them to our neighbors already’ – Leisha.

Andrew Beh

Andrew had just lifted and renovated underneath his property in Camp Hill. The extra space as well as the family pool were proving to be costly come bill time.

Here’s what we did:

  • Inspected the property – the 3-phase supply, coupled with Andrew’s energy usage profile meant a bigger 10kW system would be the best fit financially.
  • Installed top quality hardware. He wanted a system that would last, and that was backed by solid market-leading warranties.
  • Recommended the best electricity retailer to suit their personal energy usage profile, turbo-charging their potential solar savings.

“I’m a sparky myself, so I know what to look for in a quality install. I’d seen some of the guys work first hand as they were referred to us by some friends. We weren’t disappointed. It was a quick turn around from the first phone call, a quality install, and safety tested for the family. We couldn’t be happier” – Andrew

Nicole Hurst

Nicole was hit with a couple of huge energy bills over the Brisbane winter, and wanted to bring her energy bill down.

Here’s what we did:

  • Inspected the property, and discovered that Nicole had a north facing roof – a win! It meant she could maximize the cost savings.
  • Saved her money by installing a bigger unit which allowed her to use her own solar power; this is more cost effective than using power from the grid.
  • Set her up with our custom tracking app, so she was able to see exactly how much money she was saving on electricity bills in real time

‘The best thing about working with Scotty and Trav is that they explained everything in plain english. I’m clueless about solar, but knew I wanted to save money. Now, I am. Legends” – Nicole.

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