Electrical Power Solutions

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Power covers a broad range of solutions we offer at DK Electrical Co. Here’s just a few of our most popular electrical power solutions for the home or business. If it requires a wire, we’re your guys!

There’s a vast range of different brands and styles to suit every taste. Standard, GPO’s, Slimline, GPOs with Interchangeable Covers, Smart GPO’s, USB A+C chargers built in, Weatherproof GPO’s, we have solutions to suit every possible situation.


Double GPO's.

Here’s an installation price guide covering our most common GPO solutions.

Standard Outlet

Clipsal-2000-DGPO-1 Outlet
from $ 145
  • Fully Installed
Clipsal Iconic Double GPO outlet
from $ 150
  • Fully Installed
Hager Standard Outlet
from $ 150
  • Fully Installed

USB Outlets

Haggar USB C Outlet
from $ 250
  • With USBA+C
  • Fully Installed
Clipsal Iconic USB CHarger 2
from $ 230
  • with USBA x 2
  • Fully Installed

Weatherproof Outlets

Clipsal Weatherproof Outlet 2
from $ 240
  • Fully Installed
Clipsal Iconic Weatherproof Outlet 2
from $ 240
  • Fully Installed

Safety Switches.

Safety switch
from $ 120
per circuit
  • Fully Installed

Safety Switches

In our humble option, the safety switch is the greatest invention our industry has ever seen from a safety perspective. Ever since the introduction of the safety switch in the late 90’s, the simple safety switch has proven to be a massive success, dramatically decreasing serious cases of electrocution in Australia since their roll out.
Due to recent changes in legislation, safety switches must be installed on any residential electrical circuit with a supply of 32 amps or under. Unfortunately, many homes and businesses in Queensland are still unprotected by safety switches if they haven’t had an electrician out to inspect within the past 10 years.
If you’d like an electrical safety audit on your home to see if you’re protected, give us a call today.

Switchboard Upgrades.

We get out to visit a lot of homes in south east Queensland, and all too often see switchboards in sub-standard and sometimes dangerous conditions.

Does your switchboard at home look like this?

if so, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.
Old Switchboard
New Switchboard
from $ 1250
  • Whole Switchboard Upgrades

Upgrading your switchboard neatens bunched and unsightly wiring which can cause heat, protects every circuit in the home with new safety switches, and ensures a safe and compliant hub at the heart of your home’s electrical installation.

There’s a huge range of possibilities when it comes to power in the home. From ovens and cooktops, hot water systems, bathroom and kitchen renovations and more. If it requires a wire, we can install it for you.

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