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LED Lighting Solutions

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LED Lighting Solutions With modern LED lighting technology, there are a limitless number of options to choose from for your home or business. From LED downlights, garden lighting, spotlights, wall lights, pendants, LED strip lighting and more, we’ve got a solution to suit your needs. Our website lists our most popular items for installation, although if it requires an electrician, we can also install it for you. We have a great deal of experience with commercial and industrial lighting, home automation, and much more.
LED Strip

What is LED Lighting?

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Older incandescent and halogen lighting relies on a technology that is far more inefficient than modern LED lighting to achieve the same result.

Up to 92% of an incandescent light bulb’s energy dissipation is lost to heat, with only a measly 8% of the energy its produced being for its intended purpose. To light up a room!

There’s obviously a lot of danger involved in lights emitting such large amounts of heat, especially recessed fixtures. Older recessed halogen downlights are solely responsible for numerous house fires throughout Queensland in recent years, especially when they’ve been covered with insulation.

Living room with a split-type airconditioner

Benefits of LED Lighting.

Energy Efficiency.

LED lighting is up to 9 times more efficient than older lighting technology, which equates to huge savings on your electricity bills. Not only that, dimmable LED’s actually use less power, and improve their life span when dimmed.


LED Lighting is much cooler with not as much energy produced lost to heat, significantly minimising the chance of house fire.

Life Expectancy.

The life span of an LED bulb or fitting is a massive 50,000 to 100,000 hours of operation. That’s more than 40 times longer than an average incandescent light bulb!

Design Flexibility.

LED’s can cover almost any lighting scenario imaginable. They come in a range of colours (which can be changed instantly via remote), bunched together to mimic a standard light globe, or strung out in a strip lighting configuration. They can be extremely powerful and light up football stadiums, or used as a dimmed reading light before bed.

Popular Indoor Lighting Solutions.

Atom Downlight

9w Tri-Colour Downlight​​
from $ 80
  • Fully Installed

Atom’s range of downlights are a reliable, energy efficient, dimmable, and non-intrusive.

They come with 3 interchangeable colour temperatures (cool, warm and daylight) and are the perfect fit for any residential, retail, showroom and decorative lighting application.

Atom Condor

24W Twin Security Sensor​
from $ 275
  • Fully installed

Improve your homes security and add convenience with Atoms twin security sensor.

It features up to 30% higher lumen output and high-quality die cast aluminium housing with a glass sensor.

Its built in relay is capable of switching loads of up to 275W, so this little guy can even control other lights in the house (like path lighting, downlights etc).


40W Batten LED​
from $ 200
  • Fully installed

Great for workshops, garages wand working areas, The Robus 40W Batten LED is the new answer to the old fluoro of yesteryear.

Quieter and more flexible, they come with three interchangeable colour temperatures (cool white, warm white and daylight), and, unlike the old fluoro light, they switch on instantly and are more energy efficient.


3-in-1 Bathroom Mate​
from $ 425
  • Fully Installed

Stay toasty this winter with Brilliant’s 3-in-1 bathroom mate, featuring 4 powerful heat lamps for instant comfort on those chilly winter mornings.

The Bathroom Mate also features a 35w built in exhaust fan, with the option to duct to an outside wall, as well as a standard energy efficient LED globe for when the heat lamps aren’t needed.

LED Strip Lighting​​

There’s a huge range of LED strip lighting solutions available to fit any design criteria. With standard warm and cool white options, RGB interchangeable coloured options, indoor and IP rated outdoor solutions, we’ve got you covered.

LED strip lighting can be built into cabinetry, stair rails and treads, bars and kitchen benchtops, or even bulkheads for ambient room up-lighting. If you’ve got an idea, we can help bring it to life!

Pricing varies per installation and LED Strip type and length. Contact us today for a quote.​

LED Strip

Popular Outdoor Lighting Solutions.

Mayfair Spotlight

Mayfair Wall Spotlight

from $ 425
  • Fully installed
Mayfair Updown

Mayfair Up/Down Wall Light

from $ 525
  • Fully installed
Portsea Wall light

Portsea Wall Light

from $ 375
  • Fully installed
Norwest Wall Sconce

Norwest Wall Sconce

from $ 475
  • Fully installed
LEDLux Outdoor Spotlight

LEDlux Outdoor Up Light

(4 pack)
from $ 1,475
  • Fully installed

Pendant Lighting Solutions.


Pendant in Clear/Brass
from $ 475
  • Fully installed
Marcel Brass Pendant


1 Small Pleated Pendant
from $ 495
  • Fully installed
Amore Pendant

Masson Gypsum

1 Ribbed Cylinder Pendant
from $ 325
  • Fully installed
Masson Gypsum Pendant

Masson Duke

7 Colour-Shifting Pendant
from $ 1,250
  • Fully installed
Masson Duke Pendant


7 Aged Brass with Opal Glass Shades
from $ 1,795
  • Fully installed
Abcus Pendant

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