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Smoke Alarm Legislation Australia

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You may have heard by now that the legislation around smoke alarms in Australian homes has changed recently, or is set to change.

There’s been some really positive advancements in smoke alarm technology in recent years. To make sure these changes are put into effect, the federal government has empowered legislation to ensure our homes are fitted with these modern smoke alarms.

So, what exactly are modern smoke alarms better and what are the new requirements?

Under the new legislation, all smoke alarms fitted in Australia must be the photoelectric type, and interconnectable. Photoelectric smoke alarms are proven to be far more reliable and quicker to detect smoke than Ionisation type smoke alarms.

An electrician installing a ceiling smoke detector

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms vs Ionisation Type Smoke Alarms.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Photoelectric smoke alarms emit a small laser light inside it, with a receiver to detect the laser. When smoke passes through the laser beam it distorts the signal at the receiving end, activating the smoke alarm.

Ionisation Smoke

Ionisation smoke alarms work when the presence of smoke neutralises charged particles in the air, causing an internal sensor to activate the smoke alarm. Ionization smoke alarms are less reliable than their Photoelectric counterparts and slower to act.

How to spot the difference

You’ll be able to spot an inferior Ionisation smoke alarm by the presence of the ‘radiation’ symbol.

A photoelectric smoke alarm will either feature the word photoelectric itself, or the symbol ‘PE’ with a circle around it. It’s also worth noting the replacement date which will feature on most smoke alarms.

inferior smoke alarm radioactive warning label

Additional Features and Requirements

New Smoke Alarm Legislation.

The new smoke alarm legislation in Queensland is quite comprehensive, so we’ve covered the must know bits for you here, so you know you’re covered.

Who the legislation applies to:

The legislation requires smoke alarms must be installed in the following locations:

Smoke Alarm Location Plan

Exactly where should they be placed?

All smoke alarms must be placed on the ceiling.

There are special requirements for stairways, sloping ceilings, and ceilings with exposed beams.

Avoid installing smoke alarms in dead-air spaces. This is an area in which trapped hot air will prevent smoke from reaching the alarm. The space generally occurs at the apex of cathedral ceilings, the corner junction of walls and ceiling, and between exposed floor joists.

Smoke alarms must not be placed within:

What's required by law?

When it is time for your property's alarms to be upgraded, those alarms must:

More requirements:

Any existing smoke alarm being replaced from 1 January 2017 must be a photoelectric-type alarm which complies with Australian Standard 3786-2014.

If a smoke alarm which is hardwired to the domestic power supply needs replacement, it must be replaced with a hardwired photoelectric smoke alarm.

In existing domestic dwellings, it is possible to have a combination of smoke alarms (240v and battery operated) and interconnectivity can be both wired and/or wireless.

Our Smoke Alarm of Choice.

With a great mixture of quality, discreet looks, reliability and some great features, the Matelec range of smoke alarms is our top choice.

Matelec have a range of wired (240v) and wireless options that work in any home or commercial installation.

A great feature is the integrated remote, allowing our customers to test the function of their alarm with ease (no ladders), a locate button to zero in on which smoke detector has cause the alarm, a ’hush’ button to stop nuisance alarms (think burnt toast….we’ve all been there!) and an ‘SOS’ feature allowing you to sound all alarms in the event of a break in.

Matelec Smoke Alarms Pricing

Matelec smoke alarm product and packaging

Matelec Smoke Alarm

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  • Per Alarm Fully Installed

Install 6 alarms, get a free wireless remote!

Matelec Wireless Remote

Matelec Wireless Remote

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