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Why choose DK Electrical?

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There’re hundreds of solar panel brands out there. Some great, some not so much. We’ve put the research in, and have selected a range of panels with great features, warranties and reliability, manufactured by reputable companies with a strong presence in Australia.

It’s important for us that we back the gear we choose to install, so our customers have the peace of mind that their system will still be humming away in years to come.

Our Solar Panel Range.

Jinko’s 440W Tiger-Neo

Jinko are the most installed solar panel in Australia, and in the world, with great warranties and warranty response. Their 440W Tiger-Neo range are highly efficient and are the same physical size as most 400-415W panels, so they pack a punch! They come at a competitive price point too, making them easy on the hip pocket for a top-quality product.
Tiger-Neo Main Features:

Best Mix of Quality and Price.

REC’s 400W Twin-Peak 5 Series

REC have built a highly respected brand in the solar industry and are considered one of the very best premium solar panel manufacturers worldwide. Their Twin-Peak 5 model is REC’s most installed solar panel, offering a competitive price point for a top-of-the-line product. And they look great! The all-black backing sheet adds a sleek and stylish look to your home.
Twin-Peak Main Features:

Simply The Best.

REC’s 410W Alpha Pure-R

REC’s Alpha Pure-R series solar panels are elite, boasting a massive efficiency rating of 92% after 25 years of production! REC picked up an Intersolar Award in May 2022 for the Alpha Pure Series, with the judges commenting on its “outstanding” power output, small carbon footprint and lack of lead use in manufacturing. They’re our top pick for quality solar installations and just about as good as you’ll get.
Pure-R Main Features:

Our Solar Inverters Range.

String Inverters.

String Inverter Diagram

By far the most common type of solar inversion, the string inverter works by connecting your solar panels in series to one single DC to AC inverter as shown in the diagram above.

Most homes choose to invert their solar electricity via string inversion, simply due to the fact that the string inverter will provide the most cost-effective solution for simple solar panel layouts.

At DK Electrical Co, we offer two of the best string inverters on the market. Sungrow and Fronius.

Sungrow Inverters.

Sungrow are the most popular string inverter in the country and around the world, retaining approximately one third of the global market share.

They offer a 10-year parts and labour warranty on all of their inverters, and come free with inbuilt monitoring. The warranty response is fantastic. They replace, not repair, so your system is back up and running in no time instead of waiting for your faulty inverter to be sent away, worked on, and then returned back to you.

Sungrow are our pick for a mid-range solar inverter at a great price. They offer solutions for both single and three phase installations, with great design capabilities. They come in both standard and fully battery ready

Sungrow Inverters
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Fronius Inverters

Fronius Inverters.

Fronius have built a reputation in Australia as THE best inverter on the market. Fully designed and manufactured out of Austria, they offer free in-built monitoring capabilities, and they’re highly efficient.

The design capabilities offered by Fronius are the best available. Fronius has been manufacturing inverters since 1992. They have great customer service and a strong presence in Australia. They also feature a 10-year warranty.

The new Gen24 range are available in both single and three phase. Every Fronius Gen24 solar inverter has battery ready capabilities, with both fully battery ready and software upgradable inverters available.

Micro Inverters.

Micro Inverter Diagram

When solar system designs become more complex, the string inverter becomes limited in the solutions it can provide. Enters the Micro Inverter.

Rather than one single wall mounted inverter working with a string of solar panels, micro inverters are a small device attached to each solar panel.

Micro inverter systems offer a much greater range of solutions for complex solar power systems. Design problems arising from shading issues, multiple roof angles (more than 2 or 3) and min/max panel design limitations are all solved with the micro inverter.

Panels which become affected by pockets of shade, or by lesser production due to inefficient angling, will cause the efficiency of the entire solar system to drop when only one string inverter is used. When each individual panel is inverted separately from the rest, only the affected panels are brought down, and not the entire system.

At DK Electrical Co, we only install the best Micro Inverters available.

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Enphase Energy, founded in 2006, has long been regarded as the world leading micro inverter manufacturer. The quality of their products is unsurpassed, boasting the most efficient inversion system on the market.
The added safety features of an Enphase micro inverter system are also fantastic, including:

Enphase have recently released their next-gen IQ8 series micro inverter with some great added features. They’re able to supply power to homes with a small amount of usable electricity in the event of an outage.

Enphase are our top pick for quality micro inverters.

Designing Your System.

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Solar Panel
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Choosing the right solar system for you.

Choosing the right size, type and brand of solar system is paramount in getting the most out of your green energy investment.

At DK Electrical Co, we’ve put hours into researching not only the panels and their performance but the companies manufacturing them as well as their listed warranties.


Consumption Monitoring.

Standard Consumption Monitoring.

Fronius, Sungrow and Enphase solar inverters all come with their own handy apps, which are downloadable on any apple or android device as well as laptops and PC’s. They come free with the purchase of the inverter, and we’ll connect you to your inverter’s portal as a part of the service we provide.

The free apps are limited to solar production only though. They don’t have the ability to tell you what electricity your household consumes as well as your system’s solar production.

As an additional add-on, you can purchase a smart meter which is installed in your home switchboard. The smart meter monitors your electricity consumption and lets you know how much of the solar power you’re producing is consumed by your household, and how much excess solar is sold back to the grid.

It’s a great way to get to know your own usage habits, and adjust them accordingly to really get the best financial benefit from your system.

Premium Consumption Monitoring.

If you’re really looking to deep-dive into your solar
production and consumption, look no further than Solar Analytics.

Solar Analytics is a similar device to the smart meter add-on available with standard consumption monitoring, however their device offers a much deeper insight into your systems performance and your own usage habits. It combines solar and consumption data to give you the complete view of your home’s energy profile.

Real time data collected in up to 5 second intervals tells you what is going on right now, and circuit level monitoring provides even more detail into specific loads and appliances. You can upload your most recent electricity bill to enable accurate savings calculations.

Solar Analytics will even take the exact specifications of your system and match it to your local weather data to calculate the expected solar production for each day. Their patented True Performance algorithms compare what the system should have produced to the actual output. This enables automated diagnostics of faults, shading and other under-performance issues.

Solar Analytics

What is a Green Loan?

A green loan is a type of credit offered by a financial institution to a customer on the basis that they use that money for something the lender considers to be environmentally friendly.

Green Loans for solar are considered a lower risk to financial institutions due to the system producing a savings outcome for their customer. We’ve done our research, and have chosen to partner up with a financial institution that we consider the best in the business, Parker Lane Co.

How to Apply for your Green Loan.

Dillon & Kenzie are approved referral partners of Parker Lane. If you’d like us to have an agent from Parker Lane Co contact you to discuss your options, just let us know!

An agent at Parker Lane will call you within 24 hours (on business days) to discuss your options.

For an idea of repayment amounts over a range of different loan terms, check out this table:

Parker Lane offers Green Loans to customers intending on installing solar panels at their property. With interest rates much lower than that of a standard personal loan, the low interest ‘green loan’ repayments can offset and (in some cases) outweigh the prices paid for electricity without solar.

For example:

One year ago, we referred Shane and Emma to Parker Lane Co to credit their green loan for solar. Shane and Emma were previously paying (on average) $750 per quarter for their electricity.

In the year since they’ve had their solar system installed by DK Electrical Co, Shane and Emma’s solar has reduced their electricity bills by 61% to $290 per quarter (on average), saving them approximately $460 per quarter. Nice.

Shane and Emma chose an option offered by Parker Lane to fund their solar system at zero dollars down, with repayments over 60 months, at a rate of $27 per week. This means their loan repayments work out to be $351 per quarter.

So, in Shane and Emma’s case:

Shane and Emma are really happy with their outcome so far. After applying for their $0 down green loan with Parker Lane, they’ve paid on average $109 less per quarter for their electricity, and they’re on track to paying off their green loan completely.

After their green loan is paid off, Shane and Emma’s return from their system jumps up to $460 per quarter on average. Happy Days!

(Note: the above scenario is indicative only. Each solar system will yield different financial returns depending on a variety of factors including system efficiency and electricity tariff rates. We recommend speaking to your financial institution for a full breakdown of fees and charges associated with their loan products. None of the above information is to be considered financial advice)

Solar Project Timeline.

Project Design and Quote

We’ll meet with you to discuss your personal energy profile and design a tailored system to suit. Your custom quote including the new system design, performance estimates and projected financial returns will be sent via email.

Quote Acceptance and deposit

Simply sign and accept your solar proposal via a link provided in the email, then pay your deposit to get the ball rolling. We’ll lock in a suitable installation date and get your new solar panels and inverter ordered and ready to go.


We’ll be in touch the week before your installation to organise site access. You’ll also receive an email guiding you through the process on installation day and things to keep in mind/organise in readiness (pets, roof space access, providing WIFI details for your new inverter connection etc).

Energex Solar Application

The next step is to lodge your solar application with Energex (South-East Queensland’s electrical supply authority). We’ll look after this part of the process for you. You’ll receive an email or two from Energex as the process unfolds. Don’t worry, nothing needs to be done from your end. They’re just keeping you in the loop.

Installation Day

We’ll arrive at 7:00am. Our CEC accredited electrician will discuss the details of the installation with you before commencing. We’ll generally complete a typical 6.6kW installation on the day. Larger or more complex projects may require an additional day to perfect.

Project Completion

Once your installation is complete, we’ll run you through its operation as well as any system monitoring apps available. You’ll also be asked to sign the STC (government rebate) processing paperwork. If you aren’t able to be home, we’ll text you instructions on how to do this.

Contact Your Retailer

You’ll be issued with an EWR reference number from Energex via email once we complete your application paperwork. You’ll then need to contact your electricity retailer to organise your meter upgrade, by quoting the EWR number provided.

Meter-change Request

Once the job is complete and the final invoice has been paid, we’ll submit your solar works completion documents to Energex. They’ll then contact your current electricity retailer (Origin, AGL, Alinta etc) to arrange a meter changeout or reprogramming at your address.

Meter Upgrade

Your retailer will need to reprogram or upgrade your current electricity meter. This process takes around 4-6 weeks. Your retailer will generally keep you in the loop on an expected date for completion. Call us on 1300 35 32 61 if you’re having any trouble.

You’re On!

Your new solar is now ready to be turned on! Give us a call if you have any problems or questions at any stage in the life of your system. We’ll also send you out your completion pack detailing your system warranties and claims processes, wiring diagrams and maintenance recommendations etc.

Congratulations on Your New System!

Shop Around

The electrical retailer market is a competitive one, and it pays to shop around to ensure you find the best deal. We don’t recommend changing retailers until after the meter upgrade is complete. Once that’s done though, go for your life! Feel free to give us a call on this too, as we like to stay up to date with the best deals available.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Solar system sizing is arguably the most important aspect of the design process. At DK Electrical Co, we take the time to tailor a system to suit each customers unique situation, ensuring the best financial outcome.

For a more detailed idea of what goes into this process, see our ‘system sizing blog post ‘here’

The federal government incentives (or ‘rebates’) for solar are still very much alive and kicking. For a detailed explanation on how it all works, see our blog post ‘here’

Every solar project has the potential to return differing savings, depending on a range of factors. The size of the solar system being installed, the pitch, angle and efficiency of the panels, the customers electricity consumption habits and the electricity rates available from your retailer.

The good news is, we take all of this into account right from the quoting and design stage. Our solar design software is powerful, so we can give our customers accurate estimates on what your system is expected to return.

Absolutely! We partner with Parker Lane Co, who are highly reputable and competitive Green Loan specialists. If you want to benefit from solar for your home, but don’t want to part with your hard earned money straight away, green loans offer a fantastic solution.

For more information on solar green loans, see our blog post here

There’s a range of different warranties involved in a solar power system. Depending on the manufacturer, you’d expect the following:

  • The solar inverter: 5-10 years
  • Solar Panels: 10-25 years
  • Solar Racking: 5-25 years
  • DK Electrical Co workmanship warranty: 12 Years

It’s important to ensure your new solar panels are listed on your home insurance. No manufacturer’s warranty will cover damage from excessive force (ie. hail damage), and solar isn’t often listed on home insurance policies as standard. Just something to keep in mind

The solar export limitation in South East Queensland is set up by the local supply authority to ensure that the grid isn’t overloaded with excess solar energy. It allows up to 5kW worth of solar energy to be exported or ‘sold’ back to the grid at any one time.

It’s a major reason why system sizing at the design stage is so important! For more information on the solar export limitation, see our blog post ‘here’.

Consumption monitoring is an important add on to your system if you’re looking to get the most out of your solar.

Any solar inverter can be fit or retrofit with a ‘smart energy meter’ which monitors your electricity consumption in live time, as well as your solar production. It’s linked to an app on your phone, and allows the end user to monitor their consumption habits.

For more information on consumption monitoring, see our blog post ‘here’.

There are two main ways of turning (or inverting) the power produced by your solar panels into usable AC electricity.

The kind you use in the home. A string inverter is a centralised hub inversion system, and micro inverters are a small singular inverter that’s fit to each individual panel.

There are pro’s and con’s to each system, and we’ll recommended the system that’s best suited to your needs at the quote and design stage. For more information, see our blog post ‘here’

100+ 5-star Reviews... and Counting!

(Here’s a few of our favourites​)

"Great business who knows their stuff and deliver what they promise!"
Luke Shepley
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From start to finish the guys at Dillon and Kenzie were awesome to deal with. They listened to what I wanted and delivered what we needed. We have been up and running for 3 months without a hitch and we continue to save plus the guys recommended who to contact for the best feed in prices as well.
"Great Job!"
Colin and Catherine Rogers
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Scott was professional and knowledgeable about all aspects from start to finish and didn’t hesitate to answer any questions we raised. The installers arrived on time and did a great job and were polite and tidy to the point where upon inspection it was noted that they don’t often see such great work.
"Professionally installed with integrity and value"
Rick Kiely
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Professionally installed with integrity and value The team at Dillon and Kenzie was exactly what I was looking for. Discussions with several high rating service providers that were vague, pushy and lacking technical expertise left me confused and dissatisfied with solar options. Scott simplified the choices and explained each system option to the level I was hoping for.
"Could not be happier"
David Paine
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I liked the personal touch with the no-obligation home consultation to explain the different options. It enabled us to re-evaluate what we needed in a solar system, and where best to install it. The subsequent quote process was an open book: they don’t need to be pushy salesmen because their professionalism and competitive rates make them a clear stand out.
"A top notch job from a quality company"
Daniel Pedersen
Read More
Our install was smooth and uneventful and the end result is a fantastic looking system that delivers. We even had a wire that was dangling from the roof of our garage (unrelated to our solar install) which they fixed up for us - just because. Final comment - it’s hard to find people truly enthusiastic about doing a good job these days. We were one of the first houses in Australia to get new Hyundai panels on our roof.
"Thank you Dillon and Kenzie for installing our solar system unit. "
Sue Cosijn
Read More
It is working brilliantly. From initial contact and quote through to completion of the job Dillon and Kenzie Electrical were outstanding. All my dealings were with Scott and I couldn’t be happier. He was happy to take time to explain everything and answer our silly questions. Install was prompt and follow up service is amazing from helping us to down load the app to giving us up to date feedback on how our unit is working.
"Scott was very helpful"
Steve Hall
Read More
In the layout and expiation of the system, also with giving some tips and advise on maximizing it too. I was surprised when Scott found some cracked tiles (I’m pretty observant and hands on too), called me and replaced them with some spares which were under the house. I don’t think most installers would have found or done this… I’m more than happy to recommend these guys. Great job!

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