Is The Solar Rebate in QLD Confusing You?
March 13, 2020

The Solar Rebate in Queensland:

There are usually a lot of questions surrounding the solar rebate in Queensland. Does it still even exist? How much is it worth? How do I claim it?

Well, you can rest assured the solar rebate is definitely still alive and very
generous! Yes, the rebate is coming to an end, but it won’t disappear on us in
one fell swoop. The solar rebate is being gradually phased out and will drop by
one fifteenth a year until it’s gone completely in 2032. The good news is we’re
only at the start of the phase-out period (which began in 2017) so you’re still
set to receive the lion’s share of the rebate. Happy Days!

How much is the rebate worth to me?

Your share of the solar rebate depends on two things – the size of the system
you install (in kilowatts) and the price of STC’s available at the time of

STC’s (small-scale technology certificate’s) are issued per solar panel installed
by a Clean Energy Council approved installer. STC’s can vary in price, almost
like a mini stock market depending on the rates of install in Australia at the

So, as a rule of thumb for a standard 6.6kW solar system, you’ll receive around
100 STC’s. The price of an STC will usually swing anywhere between 32 cents

and 38 cents, meaning your rebate will typically be in the $3200 – $3800 range
for this sized system.

How do I claim my solar rebate?

In almost all cases, you’ll find that the rebate is already incorporated in the
quote or any advertised price you see. The installation company will generally
take care of the back-end work for you as it can be a tricky process. So, in
short, you rebate will be claimed on your behalf and deducted from the overall
price of your install.


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